Little Boston Print Shoppe...

...was born two years ago out of boredom, quality time with a few artsy fartsy friendly craft nights, and a stubborn memory of one fantastic printmaking class I fell in love with in college.  Before I knew it, I was experimenting in my tiny kitchen and in my friends living rooms with DIY printmaking techniques I'd researched online and vaguely remembered how to do.  Some trips to the fabric & art store later, I set a few goals and started selling my creations online.  Before I knew it, my pillows and designs were selling out within literally hours and minutes. 

I've been trying to keep up ever since.  It's tough to keep this shop going with my little blossoming family, my part time job, and my old house projects.  But, even though balance is not always achievable, it is all worth it.  At the end of the day, I'm chasing the dream...and this dream is coming true!

-Emily Welch, Designer & Shop Owner